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Submitting DNA

Submitting DNA samples or tissue for DNA isolation

Scientific results have to be reproducible. DNA samples and the results of molecular research are only usefeul if the organisms on which they are based can be re-investigated and re-identified. Therefore DNA samples should be complemented by a voucher specimen.

Before isolating DNA from a sample collector and locality data should be entered in the collection databse SeSam. Material that has not yet been accessioned or is stored in an external collections, can be entered into a separate data base module within SeSam.

The DNA bank staff will try to to facilitate the collection and submission of DNA or tissue samples as far as possible. On this page you find technical advice on the collection of samples and on DNA isolation.

DNA-Bank DNA-Bank

Many different methods have been tested to conserve DNA in freshly collected specimens until it can be isolated. Different methods have been established for different groups of organisms. Depending on where you collect not all of these may be applicable under field conditions. A synopsis of established methods can be found here. For technical advice, e. g. when planning and preparing field expeditions, please contact

Different DNA isolation methods have been published for different organismal groups. The methods currently used by the DNA bank are listed and explained here. These methods are regularly adjusted according to our own experience and that of other lab users. Exact protocols can be obtained from .

Before submitting samples to the DNA bank please fill in the following questionnaire. The instructions already answer many frequently asked questions. In order to accession DNA samples or to isolate DNA from tissue samples we also need a completed CBD declaration.

For cooperation projects with the DNA bank we isolate the DNA for you. Please contact before submitting material or an application for funding.

Literature on conservation methods

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