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Ordering DNA

Information on how to order DNA samples

DNA samples can be ordered by researchers around the world for scientific purposes. The samples or scientific results based on the samples must not be used for commercial purposes. The DNA bank demands a fee of 15 EUR per sample to cover the costs of DNA isolation, storage and transport.

Depending on the organismal group DNA samples are extracted with different methods. Typically 20 µL buffered DNA solution will be sent. Depending on the primary material and the amount of DNA larger samples may be obtained. Write to for more information.

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We attempt to store DNA samples of high quality but cannot always guarantee high DNA concentrations, because many organisms are small. The storage conditions of tissue samples and submitted DNA samples are not always known to us. In such cases DNA samples may be degraded to various degrees. Such samples should never be used for fingerprinting methods such as AFLP because they can render irreproducible results.

You can search for DNA samples using this Search field and can order samples with this Order form . A search manual can be found here. DNA from vouchers stored in the Senckenberg collections can be isolated on demand. Please contact the responsible curator first before sending us a request.

Senckenberg and the DNA bank are adhering to the „Convention on Biological Diversity“. Therefore, please print and sign the „Material Supply Agreement“ and  send it together with the order form to us. The form (pdf file) can be downloaded here. You can get the Adobe Acrobat Reader to read and print this form here. Samples are usually shipped within 3-4 weeks. An invoice will be sent separately.

In publications, please cite the DNA bank as follows:

DNA bank of the Senckenberg Research Institute and BiK-F, Frankfurt/Main, Germany 
(URL: /root/index.php?page_id=15166)