Artikel L. F. Mendes & G. Poinar


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George Poinar Jr. Oregon State University, Department of Zoology. Corvallis, OR 97331, USA


Description of two new fossil Zygentoma from Mexico and the Dominican Republic


Two new in amber preserved Zygentoma are described, namely Protolepisma tainicum gen. n. sp. n. (Lepismatidae) from the Dominican Republic of Hispaniola Island, and Paleograssiella chiapanicum gen. n. sp. n. (Nicoletiidae) from the Chiapas State of Mexico. Dated at approximately 20–30 MY old, they represent, respectively, the second fossil Lepismatidae known from the Dominican deposits and the first fossil Nicoletiidae (Atelurinae) and only fossil Zygentoma known from Mexico.


Silverfish | new genera | Hispaniola | Mexico | Miocene-Oligocene