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Welcome to the Education Department

The Education Department of the Senckenberg Natural History Museum was instituted in 1981 when an established post was adapted for this division for the first time. The Education Department realizes the museum’s educational commitment in public, especially by “taking care of the visitors in the museum”. It addresses visitors of all age groups and based on the exhibits and their presentation it tries to establish a communication between the object and the beholder. This enables us to gain new experiences which could be valuable additions to further exhibitions.
In practice we realize the concept of nonformal, lifelong learning for all ages in different projects. In the scientific field, we accompany and evaluate the educational process regarding the museum and contribute significantly to training and further education, also in cooperation with different partners like the University of Frankfurt and Bildungsnetzwerk of Frankfurt.

Dr. Eva Roßmanith (Head of Department)
Angelika Stahl (Event management)
Lena Sistig
Christina Höfling
Sarah Prinzhorn
Marie Rahn (Project: “Experiencing Nature Together”)