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Eddine, A., Mostefai, N., de Smet, K., Klees, D., Karssene, Y., Ansorge, H., Nowak, C. & P. van der Leer (2017): Local diet composition of a newly recognized North-African carnivore, the African golden wolf (Canis anthus). – Annales Zoologici Fennici 54: 347–356.

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Hirche, A., Jimenez, A., Roncancio-Duque, N & H. Ansorge (2017): Population density of Aotus cf. lemurinus (Primates: Aotidae) in a subandean forest fragment on the eastern slopes of the western Andes, region of Dapa, Yumbo, Valle del Cauca, Colombia. – Primate Conservation 31. online first

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Hiery, M., Hochkirch, A., Heddergott, M., Schulze, C., Anheyer-Behmenburg, H., Lang, J., Michler, F.-U., Hohmann, U., Ansorge, H., Hoffmann, L., Klein, R. & A. Frantz (2015): Historical invasion records can be severely misleading: Genetic evidence for multiple introductions of invasive raccoons (Procyon lotor). – PLoS ONE 10(5): e0125441. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0125441

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Keckel, M. R., Ansorge, H. & C. Stefen (2014): Differences in the microhabitat preferences of Neomys fodiens (Pennant 1771) and Neomys anomalus Cabrera, 1907 in Saxony, Germany. – Acta Theriologica 59: 485–494


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Lkhagvasuren, D., Ansorge, H., Samiya, R., Schafberg, R., Stubbe, A. & M. Stubbe (2013): Age determination of the Mongolian wild ass (Equus hemionus Pallas, 1775) by the dentition patterns and annual lines in the tooth cementum. – Journal of Species Research 2: 85–90

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