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How to join
Participate in IGCP 596 (Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid-Palaeozoic)

Send an email
Begin by sending an email containing your name, affiliation, location, and email address to or to one of the other project leaders to add your contact details to our participants list. In doing so, you will receive information on forthcoming activities.

Join our meetings
In the frame of the project, a number of meetings, conferences and workshops are planned in different countries. We will organize two large meetings each year (some of them will be organized in co-operation with other meetings and organisations in order to foster cooperation (e.g. Subcommission on Devonian Stratigraphy (SDS) and or other IGCP`s such as 591 and 580). Our intention is to strengthen cooperation with young earth scientists. Thus we also have established cooperation with the YES (Young Earth Scientists) initiative.

Special volumes
Special volumes of an international scientific journal will be arranged for papers arising from the meetings, depending on the number of contributions. Several associated symposia and field meetings will arrange separate special volumes as well, and in addition, at least one special publication is planned for the end of the project. We encourage contributions from everyone in the community independently from the participation at an IGCP 596 meeting.
In case you will contribute to the project, even if your paper will be published elsewhere and not in one of our special volumes it is important to acknowledge the project in your publications. At the end of each year, we as a project community must demonstrate to the IGCP-board that project 596 is active, effective, and worthy of continuation for the following year. The best way to do that is to make IGCP 596 visible by acknowledging the project in your publications that are related to Climate change and biodiversity patterns in Mid-Palaeozoic with the following sentence "This paper is a contribution to the International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) Project 596 – Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the Mid Palaeozoic". Starting in October of each year, IGCP 596 participants will be contacted via email to provide citation information for all publications and abstracts that have acknowledged IGCP 596 during that year. A full bibliography of all project-related publications will be maintained on this website.

Logo Use
Please use one of the IGCP 596 logos provided on this website. Feel free to use the logo on posters, presentations, and in printed material. If a special volume is planned, it is requested that the IGCP 596 logo be present on the front cover (if this is in agreement with the publisher). All printed volumes that carry the logo must be made available to the IGCP secretariat in hard copy, so please always print one extra copy to send in each year. For all questions regarding logo use, contact one of the leaders.

Questions or Comments/Suggestions?
Please direct all questions and/or comments about IGCP 591 one of the project leaders.

Public Outreach
It is planned to produce a movie on IGCP 596 during the next years. But if you have also some useful pictures and movies which meet the aims and goals of the project, don`t hesitate so send us a copy.
Furthermore a book for the general public is planned for spring 2013. For further information please contact one of the project leaders and /or check the information provided below.