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Carnic Alps Workshop IV
15-16th April 2011, Udine
The pre-Variscan sequence of the Carnic Alps is one of the better known in the world; several workers
investigated the area from the XIX century, and published a huge amount of papers dealing with different
topics in geological sciences (geology, palaeontology, stratigraphy, structural geology, etc.). The different
parts of this sequence are mainly denominated with informal names, that derivate either from facies or
historical terms.
Furthermore, being the region across the state border between Italy and Austria, different terminologies have
been adopted on both sides of the mountain chain, which result in a high number of names indicating similar
-if not the same- lithological units. Almost none has been formalized according to the ICS rules.
The aim of this workshop is to offer a platform for scientists working in the region to meet and compare the
different stratigraphic schemes in use. The goal was to achieve a common but unified terminology, subdividing
the lithostratigraphic column in possible formal units by well defined stratotypes and names of the pre-
Variscan sequence of the entire region.

Carlo Corradini -
Thomas Suttner -
Luca Simonetto -

Highlights of the workshop wich was organized in Udine during 14th-16th April 2011

Participants: Matteo Bazzaro, Carlo Corradini, Maria G. Corriga, Dodo Dojen, Enzo Farabegoli, Erika Kido, Damien
Pas, Maria Cristina Perri, Werner E. Piller, Monica Pondrelli, Hans Peter Schönlaub, Luca Simonetto, Claudia Spalletta,
Thomas Suttner

14th April (Th)

Arrival and joint dinner

15th April (Fr)

09:00-12:30h: Morning Session

The pre-Variscan sequence of the Carnic Alps: the aim of the workshop - Carlo Corradini
Lithostratigraphy - Guidelines & Rules - Werner E. Piller

Announcement of new IGCP projects:

IGCP 591 - The Early to Middle Paleozoic Revolution
Bridging the Gap between the Great Ordovician Biodiversification Event and the Devonian Terrestrial Revolution
Project Leaders: CRAMER, Bradley D. (USA); ŻIGAITĖ, Żivilė (Lithuania), VANDENBROUCKE, Thijs R. A. (France); HISTON, Kathleen (Italy); ZHAN, Renbin (China); ALBANESI, Guillermo L. (Argentina); MELCHIN, Michael J. (Canada); CALNER, Mikael (Sweden)

IGCP 596 - Climate change and biodiversity patterns in the
Mid-Paleozoic (Early Devonian to Late Carboniferous)
Project Leaders: KÖNIGSHOF, Peter (Germany); SUTTNER, Thomas J. (Austria); BONCHEVA, Iliana A. (Bulgaria); IZOKH, Nadezhda G. (Russia); TA HOA, Phuong (Vietnam); CHAROENTITIRAT, Thasinee (Thailand); WATERS, Johnny A. (USA); KIESSLING, Wolfgang (Germany)

Scientific Session:
Pelagic calcareous Devonian and Lower Carboniferous - Coordinator Spalletta C.
Devonian Transitional facies - Coordinator Pondrelli, M.
Lowermost Devonian (Lochkovian/Pragian) - Coordinator Suttner, T.
Shallow Water Devonian (Emsian-Givetian) - Suttner, T. (i.v. Coordinator Pohler, S.)
14:00-17:00h: Afternoon Session Discussion and Agreement of Devonian unit names and stratotypes

16th April (Sa)

09:00-12:30h: Morning Session Scientific Session:
Ordovician - Coordinator: Schönlaub, H.P.
Silurian – Schönlaub, H.P. (i.v. Coordinator: Histon, K.)
Lower Carboniferous flysch - Spalletta C. (i.v. Coordinator Venturini, C.)
Discussion and Agreement of Ordovician, Silurian and Carboniferous unit names and stratotypes

14:00-17:00h: Afternoon Session
Discussion of further plans for field trips in summer 2011; and publication guide- and deadlines

18:30h (begin)
Museo geologico di Ampezzo – Opening of the Geological exhibition and guided tour through exhibition by
Giuseppe Muscio of the Museo Friulano di Storia Naturale di Udine


particpants workshop
Participants of the Carnic Alps Workshop on the way to the meeting hall at Castello di Udine (Italy)
Opening Event of the Geological exhibition at Museo geologico di Ampezzo (guided tour by Giuseppe Muscio)

group of participants Left to right: Thomas Suttner, Erika Kido, Damien Pas, Dodo Dojen, Claudia Spalletta, Monica Pondrelli, Maria G. Corriga, Carlo Corradini, Luca Simonetto, Enzo Farabegoli, Werner E. Piller, Rosy Piller, Maria Cristina Perri, Hans Peter Schönlaub