Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt



History Location

SEKTIOns and Divisions

Historical Geology and Facies

Dr. Peter Königshof
Collection: Facies/Sedimentology, Conodonts, Mesozoic, Rocks, Minerals, Stromatoporids, Trilobits, fossile Makroarthropods, Middle-Devonian, Ediacara

Meteorite Research

Dr. Jutta Zipfel
Collection: Meteorits

Micropalaeontology I

NN (Dr. Volker Wilde)
Collection: Ostracods, Foraminiferas, Otolits, fossil Insects, fossil Arachnids

Palaeobotany PD Dr. Volker Wilde
Collection: Paläobotany (with Messel), Palynology, Nannoplankton

Palaeozoology I Dr. Monica Solorzano Kraemer
Collection: Amber, fossil insects, fossil spiders

Palaeozoology II Dr. Eberhard Schindler
Collection: Cnidaria, Tentaculites, Echinoderms, Graptolits, Stromatolits, Palaeozoic (without Under- und Middle-Devonian)

Palaeozoology III Dr. Ulrich Jansen
Collection: Brachiopods, Porifera, Bryozoen, Bivalves, Gastropods, Cephalopods, Under-Devonian

Palynology and Microvertebrata of the Palaeozoic Dr. Rainer Brocke
Collection: vertebrates, Marks- and traces-problematica

Palaeoclimate and Environmental Research

Prof. Dr. Dieter Uhl
Development of project-related special collection (eg Palynology, anthracology)