Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden


The Geochronology section was established in 2007 and is the youngest of the Museum for Mineralogy and Geology (MMG), which is a part of the Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden (SNSD). The scientific focus of our section is  the determination of U-Pb ages of rock forming processes via in-situ U-Th-Pb analysis on zircon and other minerals. The section provides all facilities necessary for heavy mineral separation of hard rock material, a SEM (shared with other sections), and a clean lab. The heart of the section is a LA-ICP-MS system, which was delivered at the 21st of December 2007. After installation and upgrade of the laboratory in March 2008, an intensive testing phase of all instruments started. Since January 2009 the instruments operate routinely and were also used by several international guests, as well as by students.

Anlieferung der ICP-MS  21.12.2007 Delivery of the ICP-MS

Anlieferung der ICP-MS_2 21.12.2007 Christmas in the storage room.

Aufbau der ICP-MS 14.02.2008 Still in the storage room.

Magnetscheider 14.02.2008 Meanwhile the magnetic separator was delivered.

Magnetscheider und Zubehör 14.02.2008 Magnetic separator and its equipment still in boxes.

Etikett der Fa. Frantz 14.02.2008 S.G.Frantz Co.Inc. has nice packaging!

Laborausbau Teil 1 16.11.2007 The development of the lab.

Laborausbau Teil 2 14.03.2008 The development of the lab.Laborausbau Teil 3 16.11.2007 The development of the lab.

Laboraufbau Teil 4 16.11.2007 The development of the lab.Klimaanlage 04.03.2008 Air conditioning system and ventilation.

Gase 04.03.2008 Inert gas supply.

Montage ICP-MS 04.03.2008 Assembly of the ICP-MS

Mass-Spec 04.03.2008 Finally!

Das fertige Labor 15.03.2008 ...and the Laser is ready as well (right).

Rountinebtrieb 21.01.2009 Daily routine and the first international guests.