Senckenberg Research

Research Fields: biodiversity in all its facets

To find out about the multiplicity of life on earth — biodiversity — and to help preserve it: That is the aim of research at Senckenberg. The Senckenberg Gesellschaft für Naturforschung has grown enormously in recent years. It has been augmented by new locations and it is making a concerted effort to extend its expertise in biodiversity research. However, the internal research structures are not organized according to the different locations, but on a thematic basis. We have defined four research fields that cover the entire range of the Senckenberg research activities:

II.BIODIVERSITY AND ECOSYSTEMS • Long-term Ecosystem Research • Applied Ecosystem Research IV.BIODIVERSITY AND EARTH SYSTEM DYNAMICS • Deep Time – Evolving Earth and Paleoenvironments • Marine (Bio-)sedimentary Systems • Human Evolution and Paleoenvironment III.BIODIVERSITY AND CLIMATE • Ecosystem Services and Climate • Adaptation and Climate • Biodiversity Dynamics and Climate • Evolution and Climate I. BIODIVERSITY AND SYSTEMATICS • Taxonomy and Systematics • Evolution and Biogeography • Morphology and Function