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The SaM-Colloquium takes place in the Seminar room in middle building (house no. 3)  with subsequent discussions. Please read further details in English or German.

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 2018  SAM Colloquium Presentations 

Date Speaker


10.10.2018 Sahar Khodami "New insights to the phylogeny of Misophrioida (Copepoda) inferred from nuclear and mitochondrial DNA"
Nancy Mercado-Salas "Additions to the cave copepod diversity from the Yucatán Peninsula and Cuba"
Julia Meyer "Recap ICES Conference I Long term studies"
Jeannette Schöndube "Vorstellung der Bibliothek"
12.09.2018 Michael Hesemann "The Project - an unusual citizen science project. 
Userfriendly access on collections and biodiversity data - the database as an example"
Herrmann Neumann "Introduction to the LTER North Sea Benthos Observatory"
Neele Meyer "Presentation of the international SaM Ichno-Workshop"
16.08.2018 Sven Rossel "Biodiversity assessment of Harpacticoida (Crustacea:Copepoda) from the German coast and EEZ using MALDI-TOF MS and COI barcoding"
Philipp-Konrad Schätzle "Confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM) as a new tool for the visualization of marine microendoliths"
11.07.2018 Leon Hoffman "Endemic Mollusca on the Great Meteor Bank"
Katja Uhlenkott  "Bericht über die Expedition SO 262 - "Mangan 2018"
André Freiwald  "Bericht über das Wochenende an der Jade 2018"
13.06.2018 Iris Sampaio "Biodiversity and biogeography of Octocorals in the Northeast Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea"
Susanne Coers GeoHab 2018 Santa Barbara
Neele Meyer und Julia Meyer Informationen zum neuen Colloquium und ein Bericht zum Young Scientists Retreat in Dresden"


SaM-Colloquium presentations