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Information System for Taxonomy, Literature and Ecology
lumbricidae enchytraeidae Anatonchus_tridentatus oppiella nova neojordensia_levis collembola Chilopoda_Cryptops parisi ommatoiulus sabulosus (L.,1758) Trachelipus_ratzeburgi
in the 1st Phase   - FKZ 01LI090 1A -
11.10. - 12.10.2012 Symposium on the completion of the 1st project phase
  in Görlitz    (only in German)
20.11. - 23.11.2011 4. EDAPHOBASE–Workshop: "Golden Gate"
  in the IBZ at the Kloster Marienthal Ostritz and
in the "Waidhaus" in Görlitz
  Workshop results (excerpt):
  • The draft of the Edaphobase-Portal was confirmed by all to be a sound basis for the further development. A version for the user is being continually updated.
  • The telephone conference resulted in an updated time plan for the further project application. The project partners were informed about the target goals (especially the scientific questions).
  • The updated home page was accepted with minor changes by the project partners.
  • The users received insights into the workflow of GoldenGate Taxonomy. GoldenGate Ecology was recognized as being a useful tool for processing data contained in the ecological literature for Edaphobase.
07.03. - 09.03.2011 3. EDAPHOBASE–Workshop: "External Data II"
  in the IBZ at the Kloster Marienthal Ostritz
  Workshop results (excerpt):
  • Participants talked about expectations and possibilities of data migration.
  • Format and contents of data packages were defined.
  • Raw data can only be seen with admission. For this the data owner will be contacted in any case.
  • An outline for the "Werkverträge" was established.
  • Future tasks for project coordinator and IT-staff were defined.
  • Terms of use for EDAPHOBASE were discussed.
07.12. - 09.12.2010 2. EDAPHOBASE–Workshop: "External Data I"
  in the IBZ at the Kloster Marienthal Ostritz  
  Workshop results (excerpt):
  • workshop_marienthalFor data migration predefined Excel Tables from SMNG will be used.
  • These tables contain fields which have to be filled in (e.g.: Object ID).
  • In addition these tables should contain minimal data like a date of collection, name of location where animals were found, information on quantity.
  • These tables contain additional information, as far as possible completed by the GBIF-Partners.
  • Within 2011 data migration will be changed from Excel-based to text-based form. For that GBIF-Wrapper will be adjusted to allow bidirectional data transfer.
09.05. - 11.05.2010 1. EDAPHOBASE–Workshop: "Database- and Software-development, Quality of Data"
  in the IBZ at the Kloster Marienthal Ostritz  
  Workshop results (excerpt):
  • Decisions were made about architecture and model of the database.
  • For easier internal communication a redmine server is established.
  • An agreement on details for data input and data handling was reached.
  • For data migration text-based formats are used.
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