Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt







Scientists use collections for research and as illustrative material. However, collections offer a suitable window for the interested public to have a closer look at the objects the science is dealing with. At the current state we count the following collections of the Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen to the HEP Tübingen:

Compactus palaeontological collection, University of Tübingen



Parts of the collection are available to the public. Two permanent exhibitions show pieces from the palaeontological as well as from the prehistorical excavations. The Palaeontological collection in the Sigwartstraße presents in various rooms and corridors, as well as in the stairwell, numerous marine saurians, mammal-like reptiles, two skeletons of the Swabian dinosaur Plateosaurus, a group of cave bears and many outstanding finds from Baden-Württemberg.
The Museum of the University of Tübingen "Ancient Cultures" at the Schloss Hohentübingen shows on 2000m_ presentation area about 4,600 exhibits from the collections of the Institute of Prehistory and Early History, Classical Archaeology (including Numismatics), Egyptology, Oriental Archaeology and the Institute of Ethnology. A remarkable highlight here are the ivory figurines of the Aurignacian from Vogelherd Cave, which are considered to be the oldest figurative art in the world.