Petr Petrik


Petr Petřík Botanisches Institut der Akademie der Wissenschaften der Tschechischen Republik
(Botanický ústav Akademie věd České republiky), Zámek 1, 252 43 Průhonice, Czech Republic



Die Bedeutung der Sukzession in den Schlagfluren für die Waldentwicklung des Jeschkenkammes (Tschechien)


The importance of succession in clearings for forest development of the Ještědský
hřbet Range (Czech Republic)
Species composition, structure, ecological conditions, and soil analyses of three phytosociological alliances are presented: the herbaceous vegetation of forest clearings and disturbed habitats in forest environments (Fragarion vescae), nutrient demanding herbaceous vegetation occurring in partially shaded habitats on forest edges, canopy openings and clearings (Impatienti noli-tangere-Stachyion sylvaticae) and shrub vegetation of forest clearings, forest canopy openings and disturbed sites (Sambuco- Salicion capreae). The dynamics of these clearing communities are assessed over up to 12 years based on re-survey of permanent plots. Additionally, some recommendations for forest management are suggested.


clearing communities | dynamics | Epilobietea angustifolii | monitoring | permanent plots