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Erlangen 15-17 July 2014 - Short courses on Stable Isotopes, Carbonates and Paleobiology Database


IGCP 596 focuses on Mid-Paleozoic climate and biodiversity. The Mid-Paleozoic conforms to an interval of dynamic long-term climate change, which was accompanied by substantial variations in biodiversity.

Within the frame of a multidisciplinary workshop scheduled for 15-17.July 2014, we will provide hands-on-tutorials on the basics of three of the most relevant disciplines/methods for IGCP 596: Short Courses on Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Paleobiology Database and Microfacies analyses of carbonate rocks.

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Mongolia 5-18 August 2014 - multidisciplinary field workshop – Together with IGCP 580


The IGCP 596 & IGCP 580 Joint Meeting and Field-Workshop in Mongolia is planed 5-18 August 2014!
Attached please find the 1st Circular and the Registration-Form.
Further information will be uploaded soon on the IGCP 596 and IGCP 580 webpages.

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IPC International Palaeontological Congress - September 8 - October 3, 2014 - Mendoza, Argentine

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The International Palaeontological Congress (IPC) is a global meeting devoted to Palaeontology throughout the world. It convenes every four years under the aegis of the International Palaeontological Association. Following three previous editions in Sydney (2002), Beijing (2006) and London (2010), it will now come to the American continent for the first time. The 4th IPC will explore the courses Palaeontology may take as the 21st century ushers in profound and long lasting technological changes. 

contact: C. Rubinstein

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The 9th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference - September 8–9, 2014 in Vilnius.


The Baltic Stratigraphical Association organizes international conferences every three years devoted to various aspects of geology and stratigraphy. Up to now eight conferences have been held by BSA in Tallinn (1991, 1996, 2008), Vilnius (1993, 2002), Riga (1999, 2011) and St. Petersburg (2005). The 9th Baltic Stratigraphic Conference will take place on September 8–9, 2014 in Vilnius. All topics related to geology and stratigraphy of the Baltic region and adjacent areas are welcome.

contact: Sigitas Radzevičius -

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