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Course Content and time table




The course consists of two major parts. Whereas PART I will focus on the theoretical and conceptual framework, PART II is explicitely designed to allow for hands-on experience through collaborations within the Senckenberg Network.

Part I - Theory and Concepts


  • Concepts and conventions in taxonomy and systematics

  • E-Taxonomy: Online Resources and Tools

  • Describing and revising taxa


Part Ii - Individual training through Senckenberg specialists

Participants will have the chance to obtain hands-on experience by working along with selected Senckenberg specialists. Participants can choose from a list of several taxon specialists across the Senckenberg Network. Choice of supervisors or groups depends mainly on personal scientific interest and/or expertise. This part of the course also aims at strengthening or establishing academic partnerships through project oriented co-work. An important prerequisite is therefore that participants identify potential partners well in advance and idealy provide a short  sketch outlining the intended project.


Full schedules including descriptions of course modules and detailed time table can be downloaded HERE

invited Speakers


To give participants the opportunity to engage in discussions with leading scientists in the field of taxonomy and systematics we will have open discussion talks (with invited guests) throughout the course and a final public talk.

The public talk will mark the closing of the course and follow the final reception.

Our special guest for this occasion is:    

Dr. Michael Balke

Head of the section Coleoptera, Zoologische Staatssammlung München

Taxonomy on the fast track - towards a more
transparent, sustainable and democratic taxonomy:
Access and benefit sharing could be more than words

Date & locality:  Sunday, March 8th.  2015, between 16:00 - 17:30 hrs, at the Japanische Palais, Dresden

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