Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden

Museum of Zoology

Why should I apply ?



The following self test will help you to find out whether this course will be useful for your purposes and/or whether or not you meet the criteria that would make you a successful  applicant.


Check whether the following SIX Statements apply to you


  1. I am interested in species delimitation: I regularly encounter discrepancies between my data and currently valid species descriptions and I aim at addressing these issues using state-of-the-art concepts and methods. Y/N
  2. I aim at acquiring/improving skills that enable me to properly describe species. Y/N
  3. My research requires taxonomic expertise and information but I frequently fail to obtain the relevant information because I am not aware of available data sources. Y/N
  4. I seek information on conceptual backgrounds of taxonomy. Y/N
  5. I am interested in new developments and approaches in taxonomy. Y/N
  6. I like to learn more about Integrative Taxonomy. Y/N

If your answer was YES to all of the above statements, you should definitely apply today. If you answered NO to the majority of the above statements, we would recommend you keep looking for alternative options that may suit your needs better.