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Annual Reports

Dear colleagues, dear friends,

here you will find the official forms (III, IV, and V) of the annual report as well as further documents which have been submitted to UNESCO /IUGS. Additionally you will find further reports from working groups or colleagues on the zip-file. We hope that more colleagues will provide information prior to the annuals` deadline (December 15th) in order to include their information, such as references, reports etc.
We would like to thank those collegues who provided the reports in time.
On behalf of the entire IGCP 596 leaders,
Sincerely yours,

annual report

Form V - annual report

Form IV - meeting report

Form III - financial statement

Appendix 1 - IGCP 596 Reports

IGCP 596 bibliography

Abhandlungen 69 2015

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annual report

Form V - annual report

Form IV-meeting report

Form III-financial statement

list of publications

Ariunchimeg et al. 2014

Bahrami et al. Asian Earth Science

Bahrami et al. 2014

Bignon Cronier 20XX

Bignon Cronier 2014

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annual report



Form V - annual report

peer reviewed publications

Form IV Morocco

Morocco final programme

Form IV Canada

Canada abstract volume

Form IV Malaysia


Malaysia abstract volume

Form III financial statement

Annual report spanish working group

Volume VOL Cordoba SEP

Field excursion Rheinisches Schiefergebirge

Book cover


annual report



Annual Report - Form V






annual report




Annual Report - Form V

Annual Report - Working groups