Senckenberg Publications

Issue 3


Machilis sp. Issue 87 (3)  December 2015

IX International Seminar on Apterygota
September 2014 · Görlitz, Germany

David Russell
Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, Germany

88 pages



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Contributions from the IX International Seminar on Apterygota    
Graeme Smith
A new Australian species of Acrotelsella (Zygentoma: Lepismatidae); could it be an endangered short range endemic?
169 article
Miquel Gaju-Ricart, Rafael Molero Baltanás & Carmen Bach de Roca
Forward without wings: Current progress and future perspectives in the study of Microcoryphia and Zygentoma
183 article
Peter Shaw & Carly M. Benefer
Development of a barcoding database for the UK Collembola: early results
197 article
Vincent Le Bourlot, François Mallard, David Claessen & Thomas Tully
A simple graphical method for displaying structured population dynamics and STdiag, its implementation in an R package
195 article
Michele d’Errico, Marina Mauri, Rosa Taurino, Isabella Lancellotti &
Maria Agnese Sabatini
Effects on Folsomia candida Willem, 1902 of products resulting from anaerobic digestion of biomass tested at different soil pH
215 article
Michael Thomas Marx & Dieter Weber
Cave Collembola from Southwestern Germany
221 article
Peter Shaw
How high do Collembola climb? Studies of vertical migration in arboreal Collembola
229 article
Additional contribution
Mahmood Mehrafrooz Mayvan, Masoumeh Shayanmehr & Stefan Scheu
Depth distribution and inter-annual fluctuations in density and diversity of Collembola in an Iranian Hyrcanian forest
239 article
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