VZ 65 (1) 2015
Vertebrate Zoology 65 (1) 2015

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A. ZARSKE: Hemigrammus rubrostriatus spec. nov. – ein neuer Salmler aus Kolumbien und Revalidierung von Hemigrammus falsus Meinken, 1958 (Teleostei: Ostariophysi: Characidae) PDF

W.J.E.M. COSTA: Taxonomy of the seasonal killifish genus Neofundulus in the Brazilian Pantanal (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) PDF

W.J.E.M. COSTA: Phylogenetic position and tentative generic placement for Cyprinodon martae Steindachner, 1875 (Teleostei: Cyprinodontiformes), a killifish from northern Colombia PDF

A new miniature killifish of the genus Melanorivulus (Cyprinodontiformes: Rivulidae) from the coastal plains
of north-eastern Brazil PDF

M. POHL, F.C. MILVERTZ, A. MEYER & M. VENCES: Multigene phylogeny of cyprinodontiform fishes suggests continental radiations and a rogue taxon position of Pantanodon PDF

M.C. BRUNO, J.R. CASCIOTTA, A.E. ALMIRÓN, F.L. RICILLO & M.S. LIZARRADE: Quaternary refugia and secondary contact in the southern boundary of the Brazilian subregion: comparative phylogeography of freshwater fish PDF

F.P. OTTONI: Evaluating the use of the anterior ceratohyal morphology to diagnose Laetacara Kullander, 1986,
with comments on other cichlid genera (Cichlidae: Cichlasomatini) PDF

F.P. OTTONI & J.L.O. MATTOS: Phylogenetic position and re-description of the endangered cichlid Nannacara hoehnei, and description of a new genus from Brazilian Cerrado (Teleostei, Cichlidae, Cichlasomatini) PDF

H. GREVEN, T. VAN DE KAMP, T. DOS SANTOS ROLO, T. BAUMBACH & G. CLEMEN: The “tooth systems” of Lissotriton vulgaris (Amphibia: Urodela) with special regard to delayed metamorphosis PDF

R. GÜNTHER: Description of two new taxa of the ceratobatrachid genus Platymantis from western New Guinea (Amphibia, Anura) PDF

A.B. VASSILIEVA, JUNE-SHIANG L., SHANG-FANG Y., YU-HAO C. & N.A. POYARKOV, Jr.: Development of the bony skeleton in the Taiwan salamander, Hynobius formosanus Maki, 1922 (Caudata: Hynobiidae): Heterochronies and reductions PDF

G. VELO-ANTÓN, B. EL MARNISI, U. FRITZ & S. FAHD: Distribution and conservation status of Emys orbicularis in Morocco PDF

M. PÄCKERT, Y.-H. SUN, P. STRUTZENBERGER, O. VALCHUK, D.T. TIETZE & J. MARTENS: Phylogenetic relationships of endemic bunting species (Aves, Passeriformes, Emberizidae, Emberiza koslowi) from the eastern Qinghai-Tibet Plateau PDF
Electronic Supplements:

A.E. SCOPIN, I.V. GASHKOVA, A.P. SAVELJEV & A.V. ABRAMOV: Histologic features of the gastrointestinal tract of Laonastes aenigmamus (Rodentia: Diatomyidae) PDF