Volume 11


Titelbild Volume 11 Band 11  2016

Peter Ax, the promotor of phylogenetic systematics
56th Phylogenetic Symposium 2014 in Hamburg, Germany

Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa
University of Hamburg

Stefan Richter
University of Rostock, Germany

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Peter Ax (1927–2013)
List of scientific Publications compiled by Peter Ax & Rainer Willmann
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Willi E. R. Xylander
From the interstitial to phylogeny of the animal kingdom
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Andreas Schmidt-Rhaesa
Peter Ax and the System of Metazoa
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Michael Schmitt
Hennig, Ax, and Present-Day Mainstream Cladistics, on polarising characters
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Walter Sudhaus
From the cladogram to an explanation of anagenesis in an evolutionary history perspective, exemplified by the mammals
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Stefan Richter
Peter Ax’s views on homology – a comparison with Remane and Hennig
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