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Leaf venation images available from SeSam / Aquila or the Cleared Leaf Image Database.

Please download the actual list of available images here.

To view images, please...

  • go to the Senckenberg collection management system SeSam / Aquila
  • select “Herbarium Senckenbergianum (FR) or (GLM) – Plantae” (under collection)
  • enter the barcode number (e.g., FR-0007640; the barcode numbers are found in the provided object list) of the selected accession in the search tool of SeSam
  • Image files can be retrieved under the tab "General Data" (see link in the top right corner)

Due to the implementation of the new collection management system, images may temporarily not be viewable.

Alternatively, image files stored in SeSam / Aquila can be found via the GFBio portal. To retrieve individual image data, search for object descriptors in the object list that identify specimens unambiguously. For example, enter a species name together with „Senckenberg leaf venation“ in the search tool of the GFBio portal.

Furthermore, all images (including those not based of specimens of the herbaria FR and GLM) are also available at the Cleared Leaf Image Database under “Senckenberg collection”.

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