Senckenberg Publications

paper Wolfgang Karg & A. Schorlemmer


Wolfgang Karg    
Anita Schorlemmer Department of Cell Biology, John A. Burns School of Medicine,
University of Hawaii, 651 Ilalo Street, Honolulu HI 96813, USA



New species of the genus Cheiroseius (Acarina, Parasitiformes, Gamasina, Ascidae) from tropical rain forests of Ecuador, South America


The present studies continue our acarological investigations of soil inhabiting Parasitiformes from South and Central America. We discovered very remarkable species of the genus Cheiroseius Berlese, 1916 (Gamasina, Ascidae) from Ecuador. We explain the function of special organs of Cheiroseius and outline the significance of Parasitiformes in soil biology. Two new species of the subgenus Cheiroseius Berlese, 1916 s. str. and three new species of the subgenus Episeius Hull, 1918 are described and illustrated. Diagnoses of the genus Cheiroseius and the subgenera are given. We further generate keys for known and new species of the Cheiroseius tennesseensis-complex and the Cheiroseius necorniger-complex.


Acari | Ascidae | new species | taxonomy | keys for determination | functional relations | bio-indicator