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6th Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy 

Save the Date:  September 3rd – 7th , 2018

Venue SENCKENBERG am Meer, Wilhelmshaven, Germany

Organisers Max Wisshak and Colleagues

The sixth Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy will take place in the „Cradle of Neoichnology“ - at the SENCKENBERG research institute in Wilhelmshaven, literally just few metres from the Wadden Sea of the North Sea. Furthering the long tradition of ichnological research at this site (Richter, Häntzschel, Schäfer, Reineck, Hertweck, ...) participants are invited to present their work on trace fossils, the encountered ichnotaxonomical hurdles, and the implications for ichnotaxonomical principles and nomenclature. We expect lively discussions, both at the round table and during two fieldtrips that will help fostering the value and applicability of trace fossil nomenclature and classification as a basis for interpreting palaeoenvironments and for studies of palaeobiology and evolution.

Download pdf of 1st Announcement

Included Fieldtrip I:
Neoichnology and Sedimentology
of the Wadden Sea
Included Fieldtrip II:
Triassic Red Beds and
Recent Bioerosion at Helgoland
Sedimentology of the Wadden Sea

Triassic Red Bed at Helgoland

Neoichnology of the Wadden Sea Recent Bioerosion at Helgoland