Senckenberg Research


Benefits for alumni from the FANS-network:

Alumni have done research at one of the Senckenberg instituts or in one of the Senckenberg collections for at least 14 days in the past.

Research alumni can receive an Alumni card which provides life-long admission to the Senckenberg Museums in Frankfurt, Görlitz and Dresden. Please send an email to Isabel Gajcevic.

All registered alumni will receive the Senckenberg Newsletter “Highlights” which informs you about the latest research results at Senckenberg .

Annual meetings will provide alumni with the opportunity to meet people at Senckenberg and other alumni (again) and keep in touch and updated. You will be informed about these meetings by Email .

Moreover, research alumni and their Senckenberg collaboration partners have the opportunity to apply for different grants. The grants are intended to foster collaborations of alumni with their Senckenberg partners. We would like to support you to come back to Senckenberg to continue your research at one of Senckenbergs institutes or to send one of your junior scientists to Senckenberg (or from Senckenberg to an alumnus) to start new collaborative projects.
Proposals will be evaluated in a competetive process. Decisions about single proposals will be made within one month (after the respective deadline).

You are eligible to apply,

- if you are a registered Senckenberg alumnus/a and wish to come back to Senckenberg for continuing research here or

- if you are a junior scientist at Senckenberg or with a Senckenberg alumnus/a and wish to visit the lab of the collaboration partner (Senckenberg or alumnus/a) in order to initiate a new collaboration.

Criteria for a successful application are

- the impact of your past collaborative research with Senckenberg (e. g. number of joint publications),

- the expected outcome of the project you are intending to conduct when receiving the grant,

- the added value of the newly intended collaboration.

Available grants:

  • Reunion grant: If you as an alumnus/a have conducted collaborative research at Senckenberg before, are now working abroad and wish to continue your collaborations at Senckenberg you can apply for money to come back to Senckenberg. You may also recommend the application of a colleague from your home international home institution to come to Senckenberg. The funds are intended to subsidise travel costs as well as allowances while at the Senckenberg institute in Germany (max/Grant 500€).
  • Travel grants for young scientists: If you are a PhD student or junior researcher in a group of a Senckenberg scientist or his/her international collaboration partner you can apply for a travel grant to visit the partners lab. The money subsidises travel costs and allowances (max/Grant 500€).

Deadlines for applications in 2019: 31st March 2019, 30th June 2019 and 30th September 2019.
Applications can be submitted using the provided template. Please send your applications to