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 2015  SAM-Colloquium

Date Speaker Title

Dr. Max Wisshak

 „Lechuguilla Cave (NM, USA) - die verrückteste Höhle der Welt”
24.11.2015 Kei Matsuyama "Zoogeography and diversity of the cold-water coral associated bryozoan fauna in the Northeast Atlantic"
10.11.2015 Anja Singer  "Hindcasting and Forecasting macrofauna distribution for the Jade Bay"
20.10.2015 Gesine Lange "Food use of benthic invertebrates across the boundary between marine and terrestrial ecosystems: functional diversity within a salt marsh."
13.10.2015 Jana Deppermann "Stock separation in American Lobster (Homarus americanus)"

Babett Günther

 "How to do Metagenomics with Next-Generation Sequencing? A short guideline." (Abstract)
14.07.2015 Dr. Nancy F- Mercado-Salas "Morphological and genetic diversity of semi-terrestrial copepods (Crustacea: Copepoda) from the tropical forest of Southeast Mexico." (Abstract)
29.04.2015 Dr. Diana Bowler  „Cross-realm comparison of climate change impacts _mce_on species abundance trends
31.03.2015  Prof. Dr. Kay-Christian Emeis   „Projekt North Sea – Assessment of Habitats (NOAH): Stand der Dinge“.
24.02.2015  Irka Schüller   "Kalahari Salt Pans"
24.02.2015 Dr. Achim Wehrmann   "Devonian shelf deposits of the central Taurids (Turkey): an archive for hinterland processes and climate of the northern margin of the Gondwana supercontinent "
17.02.2015  Dr. Michael Raupach    "Modern integrative taxonomy: new methods, techniques and applications for species description and identification"
27.01.2015 Vahid Sepahvand

  "Ghost shrimps and their associated Clausidium copepods in littoral zones of the Persian Gulf and Gulf Oman, Iran." (Abstract)

27.01.2015  Kei Matsuyama  "One Step Back from the Digital World. From Micro-CT to Museum Display"
13.01.2015  Dr. Terue Kihara   "Confocal laser scanning microscopy three-dimensional visualization of a new species of Clausidium (Copepoda: Poecilostomatoida) associated with mud shrimps from Persian Gulf, Iran" (Abstract)
13.01.2015  Dr. Carmen Zinßmeister   "Diversity of Dinophysiales, with focus on Dinophysis and Phalacroma"