Senckenberg Publications

Issue 3


Titelbild Band 90/3 Issue 90 (3)  December 2018

Acari: Gamasina, Scutacaridae, Phytoseiidae, Trombiculidae; Collembola, Nematoda, LumbricidaeArachnida, Oribatida

Ricarda Lehmitz & Karin Hohberg
Senckenberg Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz, Germany

108 pages



Julia Baumann, Francisco Ferragut & Sanja Šimić 
Lazy hitchhikers? Preliminary evidence for within-habitat phoresy in pygmephoroid mites (Acari, Scutacaridae)
95 article
Walter Sudhaus
Dispersion of nematodes (Rhabditida) in the guts of slugs and snails
101 article
Walter Sudhaus
Various evolutionary avenues of Nematoda to parasitism in Gastropoda
115 article
Farid Faraji, Pierre Mack, Simon Staudt & Jeffrey Kolkman
Two new species records of Proprioseiopsis Muma (Acari: Mesostigmata: Phytoseiidae) from Germany
123 article
José G. Palacios, Blanca E. Mejía, Martha Madora, Rosamond Coates & GabrielaCastaño 
Monthly variation of leaf litter Collembola in the tropical rainforest of Los Tuxtlas, Veracruz, Mexico
131 article
Penelope Greenslade
Why are there so many exotic Springtails in Australia? A review
141 article
Andrey B. Shatrov

On the life cycle and parasitism of the trombiculid mite Hirsutiella hexasternalis (Kudryashova, 1998)
(Acariformes, Trombiculidae)

157 article
Jörg Römbke, Wolfgang H. O. Dorow & Stephan Jänsch
Distribution and diversity of earthworms (Lumbricidae) in Hesse (Central Germany): current knowledge
171 article
Dieudonné Djackba Danra, Elias Nchiwan Nukenine & Hartmut Koehler
Soil Gamasina from savanna and ReviTec site of Ngaoundéré (Adamawa, Cameroon): abundance and species diversity
187 article
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