Senckenberg am Meer Wilhelmshaven

German Center for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB)

Services provided by the DZMB- an international challenge

Year after year precious samples and large quantities of ancillary environmental data are collected on board of German research vessels, but the coordination of the data analysis and flow of information among the participants of the expeditions coming from many different countries has so far been difficult at times.

The DZMB is building a bridge from the analysis to the management of samples from all oceans of the world. At the DZMB, everything from the centralised organisation of expeditions to logistics and the availability of large gear is in one hand.

Last but not least, shipping of samples already centrally sorted to major taxa at the DZMB saves the specialists a large amount of work and at the same time makes to them available a high amount of additional samples. After sorting samples are housed in the Meteor archives from where they can be made available to interested individuals at any time. This service is coordinated through web portals and databases.

Workshops, special taxonomy courses, and events geared toward the general public complete the services of the DZMB. Both the scientific staff and the technical personnel of the DZMB stand for high-quality sampling, processing on board, and reliable sorting of biological material in the laboratory.