Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Quaternary Palaeontology

Working Group on Documentation and Information

Dr. Lutz Christian Maul (head of working group)

Susann Doering (photographer) / substitute: Lisa Necke (photographer)

Baerbel Fiedler M.A., MA (LIS) (librarian)

Evelin Haase (graphic designer)

The responsibilities of the group comprise photography, graphics and surveying work (field and object documentation) in the field, and the production of scientific graphics and photographs for publications and presentations. The group is also responsible for preparing excavation maps for publication and cataloging the 19 collections.

Frieze Documentation

The library currently comprises approximately 21,000 books, reprints, journals, and maps mainly on Quaternary palaeontology. The library also houses the photographic and press archives, and archives on the history and scientific work of the research station.