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Collection Management System Sesam

SeSam was developed in cooperation with com2 (Bad Homburg). All collections of the Senckenberg Research Institute are going to use this efficient tool.

SeSam provides the following opportunities:

  • SeSam manages both zoological and botanical collections. Objects can have an aquatic, terrestrial, recent or fossil origin.
  • All collections are stored in a central database and use a joint data-pool for systematics, geographical data, persons and literature. This potentiates homogenous capturing of data. Cross-collection search is possible.
  • Input of new collections is quick and easy. It is possible to add collection-specific fields and modulate the general templates without knowledge of programming.
  • SeSam is web-based. Database and webserver are installed on servers. The desktops which have access to the system just need an executable web browser (Firefox is strongly recommended). The operating system is not important, further client-software is not required.
  • Thanks to a smart management system, users can get rights as a Manager, Typist, User or Guest in the system.

Further information on SeSam (architecture, templates, etc.)




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