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The SeSam Collection Management Database enables the retrieving of collection objects stored in the Senckenberg Collections and several other institutions, which use our database system. At the moment you can only have access to the part of our collections still integrated in SeSam.  The whole collection comprises about 38.5 million objects. These are very well documented and the amount is permanently growing, because new incoming material will be catalogued only with SeSam.

You can search in the templates for chosen keywords through one or more collections. Personal data of collectors and donators are not visible because of privacy if the event happened after January 1st 1960. In this case you can contact the curator in charge of the collection for getting further data.

Thank you for using our SeSam-database for getting a view in our large collections. We would be very grateful for getting feedback and comments. Please keep us informed about mistakes or problems, so we can continually improve the system.

Your web-browser has to accept cookies and javascript. We recommend Firefox ® 31.0 and higher.

It is also advisable to clear the cache after a number of searches.

Here you will find a detailed description how to search in SeSam. We strongly advise you to download the pdf and read it in order to get the desired appropriate results.

To start SeSam, please click the following link:
SeSam start for Senckenberg-collections

SeSam start for collections of Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

SeSam start for collections of Zoologisches Museum Hamburg

SeSam start for collections of Zoologische Staatssammlung München

SeSam start for collections of Zoologisches Museum Kiel

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