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The SeSam Collection Management Database enables the retrieving information about objects stored in the Senckenberg collections and in the collections of several other institutions, which use our database system.

Currently we are developing a new database system, called AQUiLA. As a first step we present a new search portal, which allows for full text searches throughout the database. For reasons of data-protection only part of the database is freely accessible. If you need more comprehensive information, please contact the personnel responsible for the respective collection.

The AQUiLA search portal is currently under active development. This is true for the functionality as well as for the content of the database. In the current version you can do a full text search by entering a term in the input field. The results of the search can be restricted and made more precise by selecting topics and terms in the left column of the window.

We would be very grateful for getting feedback and comments. Please send comments and suggestions to the e-mail address given below, so we can continually improve the system.

Start AQUiLA search portal for Senckenberg collections

To start SeSam, please click one of the following links:

Here you will find a detailed description of how to search in SeSam. We strongly recommend to download the pdf and read it in order to get the desired appropriate results.

SeSam start for collections of Museum für Naturkunde Berlin

SeSam start for collections of Zoologisches Museum Hamburg

SeSam start for collections of Zoologische Staatssammlung München

SeSam start for collections of Zoologisches Museum Kiel

 SeSam start for collections of Zoologische Sammlungen Rostock

SeSam start for collections of Zoologisches Museum Marburg