Senckenberg am Meer Wilhelmshaven



Bachelor / Master Thesis

Students interested in a Master or Bachelor Thesis in the field of actuopalaeontology, carbonate sedimentology or marine geology/biollogy please contact the head of the division.

Actual themes of running projects:

    • Paleoecology and landscape reconstruction of Holocene Wadden Sea sequences (project WASA-Paleo)
    • Foraminiferal biofacies in the Wadden Sea (project WASA-Paleo)
    • Paleoclimate of Holocene geoarchives in southern Africa (project GeoArchives II)
    • Carbonat-Sedimentology/Biosedimentary Systemes: bioclastic carbonates of northern Svalbad and Barent Sea
    • Carbonat-Sedimentology/Biosedimentary Systemes: bioclastic carbonates of the northern Adriatic Sea
    • Carbonat-Sedimentology/Biosedimentary Systemes: Bryomol-carbonates of the southeast African shelf
    • Carbonat-Sedimentology/Biosedimentary Systemes: Kelp-carbonates Helgoland Island (for research divers!)
    • Northern Gondwana: Sequence stratigraphy in Devonian shallow water sediments (Taurids, Turkey)
    • Northern Gondwana: Shallow water carbonates (Microfacies, reefs, biolaminites, sabkhas)
    • Northern Gondwana: Source area processes & provenance analyses (Taurids, Turkey)


Practical Training

We offer the oportunity of  practical training in geosciences and marine biology. Please contact the head of the division.


Student Assistants (Hiwi)

Student assistant jobs can be given to students of natural sciences, especially during field season. Please contact the research assistants of the research projects.