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Quaternary Small Mammal Section

Dr. Lutz Christian Maul

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 Dr. Lutz Christian Maul

Research interests


  • Morphology, evolution, systematics, palaeoecology, palaeobiogeography of Plio- and Pleistocene small mammals of the Palaearctic
  • Biostratigraphic correlation
  • Morphometric changes in arvicolid molars
  • Fossil gnawing marks (origin, interpretation)


Curriculum vitae

1956 born in Weimar
1977-1982 studied biology (specialising in zoology), Humboldt University, Berlin
1982 Diploma in zoology: The rodents from the Pisede fossil burrows
1982-1990 scientific assistant at the Institute of Quaternary Palaeontology
1990 PhD in palaeozoology: The Biharian small mammal remains from Untermassfeld, Voigtstedt and Süssenborn and their chronological position within the Biharian micromammalian faunas of Europe
1991-1999 scientific researcher in Quaternary Palaeontology (Institute of Geosciences of Friedrich- Schiller-University, Jena)
 since 1996 teaching (Friedrich-Schiller-University, Jena)
since 2000 head of the Quaternary Small Mammal Section at the Senckenberg Research Station of Quaternary Palaeontology in Weimar


co-organisation of the 18th International Senckenberg Conference “Late Neogene and Quaternary biodiversity and evolution: Regional developments and interregional correlations”