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Dogger Bank general information

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The Dogger Bank is a shallow area in the central North Sea with depths of less than 40 m, even reaching 13 m at its shallowest part. The surroundings of th bank are significantly deeper. 10 nautical miles (= about 18,7 km) towards the north and the south depths of 50-70 m are reached. The Dogger Bank is situated at 140 nautical miles (= about 260 km) northeast of the German coast, her closest point is at a distance of 60 nautical miles (= about 112 km) from the English coast. The bank covers a distance of 160 nautical miles (= about 340 km) lenghwise (SW-NE) and 60 nautical miles (= about 112 km) across (NW-SE).

Forgotten are the times in which the Dogger Bank was an important fishery area, especially for herring. In those times significant scientific work was performed in order to understand the reasons for the richness in fish. Since then she was forgotten in the scientific world. Our interest was focussed on the reasons for faunal changes observed in this area. But before we can speculate on reasons there is a need of documenting the status and the change. This is only possible through long term sampling. Such samplings are being carried out with the help of R. V. Senckenberg: for the   endobenthos (animals living in the sea bottom) since 1985 and for the epibenthos (animal living on the sea bottom) since 1991. The marine biology division in Wilhelmshaven and the marine zoology department at Frankfurt are in charge of this sampling.