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Entomology I

Hessian Coleopterologists   

Field trip of the Hessian Coleopterologists to the northern Rhön hills (1998).  Left to right: HORST BATHON, GÜNTER HOFMANN, HEINZ HÄNEL, WILHELM HÖHNER, DAMIR KOVAC and GÜNTER FLECHTNER. 

The group of the Hessian Coleopterologists has among their members high school and university students, teachers and amateur as well as professional entomologists. They investigate the lives of beetles, organise field trips and contribute to the Hesse collection of Entomology I. This collection provides data on the distribution, the seasonal occurrence and the habitats of Hessian beetles and can be used as an aid for the identification of Central European beetles. New research findings are published in scientific journals.

The Hessian Coleopterologists are open to any interested person without membership fee. An introductory training on coleopterology can be provided. The approximately 15 active members of the Hessian Coleopterologists meet on the second Saturday of each month in the rooms of the Section Entomology I (1400 hrs, but no meetings during the summer break, May through September).