Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Marine Invertebrates II

Education of technical assistants for natural history museums at the Senckenberg  School 

  • Practical course on scanning electron microscopy (D. Fiege)
  • Practical education in the section

Teaching at university level

  • Lecture Evolution of the Metazoa (University of Frankfurt, D. Fiege: part Annelida)
  • Practical course Diversity of the Metazoa (University of Frankfurt, D. Fiege: part Annelida)
  • Practical course and field excursion Marine Zooplankton (University of Mainz, D. Fiege in collaboration with U. Hoeger, Mainz)

Villefranche 2003 

             Planktonexcursion 2003 to Villefranche sur mer


Marine Zooplankton – a practical course in cooperation with the University of Mainz

Since 2003 a joint course in Marine Plankton is conducted for undergraduate students of Zoology at Mainz University by Dr. Dieter Fiege (Senckenberg) and Dr. Ulrich Hoeger (Institute of Zoology, University of Mainz). The course combines studies of microscopic preparations of planktonic animals in Mainz and of living plankton at the Mediterranean Sea during an excursion to the Laboratoire Arago at Banyuls-sur-mer (France).
Morphology, systematics, developmental biology, and ecology are the main subjects of the course. Further aspects are covered by student presentations illustrated by digital video clips and images taken in Banyuls. The local coastal plankton is very diverse with regard to both mero- and holoplanktonic animals, including warm-water forms not occurring in the North Sea. During the second week a bottom trawl brings up the adult benthic fauna which develops from the larvae thriving in the plankton. The by-catch of fish is greatly appreciated by all participants as the tasty highlight of an evening barbecue.




Concurrent to these teaching activities a DVD on Marine Plankton was produced in cooperation with H.U. Dahms (Hong Kong) and the IWF Göttingen. The single videoclips can be found on the homepage of the IWF through the following links:

Marine biocenoses

Plankton           Nekton  

Plankton                                                             Nekton 



Trophic relations

 Phytoplankton           Zooplankton 

     Phytoplankton                                                  Zooplankton

    Parasitismus            Fäces

      Parasitism                                                              Feces


        Marine snow


        Auftriebshilfen                 Wimpern

Buoyancy regulation                                                        Cilia

        Wimperplatten                  Rückstoß

                 Comb cilia                                                               Jet propulsion

        Extremitäten                   Wanderungen

             Appendages                                                              Migration

Unicellular planctonic organisms

        Bakterien                     Pilze

           Bacteria                                                                       Fungi

        Algen                Radiolaria

               Algae                                                                 Radiolaria

Multicellular planctonic organisms

        Cnidaria                     Ctenophora

         Cnidaria                                                          Ctenophora

         Turbellaria                    Nemertini

        Turbellaria                                                                Nemertea

         Rotatoria                   Gastropoda 

            Rotatoria                                                            Gastropoda 

           Sipuncula                       Polychaeta

         Sipunculida                                                          Polychaeta

         Crustacea                    Chaetognatha

               Crustacea                                                            Chaetognatha

           Tentaculata                    Echinodermata

             Tentaculata                                                    Echinodermata

           Enteropneusta                   Chordata

     Enteropneusta                                                       Chordata


         Planktonfang                 Nachtfang

           Plankton sampling                                              Night sampling


  Laboratory studies