Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

River Ecology and Conservation


Applied river ecology

Effect of River rehabilitation measures on aquatic biodiversity
Implementation of EU-Water framework Directive in Germany (Module macroinvertebrates in streams and rivers)
Quality assurance of biological data (Module macroinvertebrates in streams and rivers)

Conservation genetics

Molecular genetic monitoring of mammals, such as large carnivores (wildcat, lynx, wolf, etc.)
General studies of genetic diversity in endangered animal and plant species

Influence of anthropogenic environmental change (climate, pollution) on the dispersal and distribution of animal and 
   plant species

 Advancements of genetic marker systems with regard to the age of genomics, and with consideration of adaptive
   aspects ("evolutionary potential")

Biodiversity and climate change

Climate change-linked changed in the distribution of animals and plants
Development of species protection concepts with consideration of climate change
Genetic adaptation of animal and plant species to climate change


 Large-scale, long term monitoring
Change of biodiversity in space and time