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Marine Biodiversity

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Two thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered by the oceans and it is likely that this vast ecosystem harbours the greatest amount of Earth’s biodiversity. Marine Biodiversity is the international journal devoted to all aspects of biodiversity research on marine ecosystems. Scope of the journal covers research at gene- , species and ecosystems level that focuses on describing the actors (genes and species), the patterns (gradients and distributions) and the understanding of the processes responsible for the regulation and maintenance of diversity in marine systems. Also included are the study of species interactions (symbioses, parasitism, etc.) and the role of species in structuring marine ecosystem functioning.

Marine Biodiversity includes original papers, short notes and review articles. It forms a platform for marine biodiversity researchers from all over the world for the exchange of new information and discussions on concepts and exciting discoveries.

Marine Biodiversity is a relaunch of the journal Senckenbergiana maritima. The first issue (Volume 39, No 1) has been published in March 2009.

Articles published in Marine Biodiversity indexed in:
• Aquatic Sciences & Fisheries Abstracts •Biological Abstracts •BIOSIS Previews •Fish & Fisheries Worldwide •Geobase •Zoological Record

Impact Factor: 2.077 (2017), Journal Citation Reports

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