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 Meet the Herp Lab


Dr. Raffael Ernst

Sektionsleiter - Curator
phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4315

Fax:      ++49 (0) 351-7958 41-4404
e-mail: raffael.ernst [at]


Tropical Amphibians and Reptiles,  West Africa and Guiana Shield, effects of anthropogenic disturbance and global change on ecosystem function and biodiversity,  community ecology, statistical modelling and development of monitoring tools


Dipl. Ing. Markus Auer

Technical Assistant

phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4320
e-mail: markus.auer [at]

Collection management, Eurasian and Asian herpetofauna, turtles and tortoises


Dipl. Biol. Monique Hölting 

Ph.D. Student (DFG)

phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4304
e-mail: monique.hoelting [at]

Biodiversity dynamics and ecological cascading in logged tropical forests of the Guiana Shield - BioDEC Guiana – Consequences and perspectives for amphibian communities in anthropogenically altered ecosystems, diversity pattern change, functional diversity, trophic diversity 


Dipl. Biol. Sabine Nürnberg

Scientific intern

phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4505
e-mail: sabine.nuernberg [at]


BSc. Nora hübler

Master student

phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4505
e-mail: noran.huebler [at]

Tracing Central African forest history through phylogenetic inference and biogeographic pattern analyses of Angolan amphibians


Dipl. BIOL. Maike Guschal

Ph.D. Student (BMBF)

phone: ++49 (0)351-795841-4505
e-mail: maike.guschal[at]

Linking amphibian diversity and arthropod-pest species abundance in agroecosystems
under land-use and climate change, predator-prey interactions, agrochemicals and amphibians, diversity pattern change, ecological models



MS.C. Gwendolyn Landburg

Associated Researcher & PH.D. Student

e-mail: g.landburg [at]

Long term recovery of anurans from selective logging disturbance at Kabo forestry concession, Suriname, S.A., community ecology, species habitat associations, diversity patterns 



Herbert Rösler

Associated Researcher

e-mail: Herbertroesler [at]

Taxonomy & Biology of Geckoes

Yehudah L. Werner 

Prof. Dr. Yehudah L. Werner

Honorary Research Associate

e-mail: yehudah_w [at]

Geckoes, herpetology of the Near East

F Henrikus




N Kaffenberger

Lab Interns & Alumni


MS.C. Felisa Henrikus

e-mail: felisa.henrikus [at]

Disjunctive distribution of the European tree frog (Hyla arborea) in the Biosphere reserve "Flusslandschaft Elbe" Brandenburg, Germany, conservation, population ecology, habitat models and monitoring. Now consultant with Natur & Text in Brandenburg GmbH


Nora Hübler 

Lab intern  European tree frog project 2011

Dipl. BIOL. nathalie Kaffenberger

e-mail: nathalie.kaffenberger[at]

Scientific Intern 2011 - 2013

Phylogeny, biogeography, and taxonomy of tropical amphibians and reptiles, phylogenetic community ecology of amphibians. Now Technical Assistant and Project Manager at the Dept. of River and Floodplain Ecology, Senckenberg Gelnhausen