Senckenberg Natural History Collections Dresden

Uwe Fritz 

Prof. Dr. Uwe Fritz

group leader Phylogeography

Tel. +49 351 795841 4328

Dr. Melita Vamberger

Dr. melita vamberger


Tel. +49 351 795841 4328


 Dr. Christian Kehlmaier

dR. christian kehlmaier

manager ancient dna lab

Tel. +49 351 795841 4328

Cäcilia Spitzweg

cäcilia spitzweg

scientific trainee

Tel. +49 351 795841 4362

I am working on several turtle projects, among others within the frame of the Cold Code initiative.

Dr. Ihlow and the tortoise

DR. flora ihlow


Tel. +49 351 795841 4301

I am working on the diversity of African Hinge-back Tortoises (Kinixys).

Marika Asztalos

Marika Asztalos

Scientific trainee

Tel. +49 351 795841 4343

I am working on the phylogeography and hybridization of green lizards (Lacerta viridis complex) - but snakes are also not too bad.


Muazzam ali khan



I am a PhD visiting scholar and currently working on the systematics of the family Lacertidae in Pakistan.
Nadine Schultze

Nadine schultze

master student (university of Leipzig)


For my master thesis I am working on several hybrid zones of grass snakes.

former staff members


Branka Bilbija

phd student (University of veterinary and pharmaceutical sciences Brno), Guest researcher 2019


I am working on the population structure of the Dermacentor reticulatus tick based primarily on microsatellite markers as well as on a cross-amplification study using D.reticulatus and D.marginatus ticks.


Urban Dajčman

Erasmus Student 2019

I am a MSc student from Ljubljana, Slovenia currently working with parasites in lacertid lizards and am the current president of the Slovene herpetological society - Societas Herpetologica Slovenica. During my stay as an Erasmus student I worked together with Melita on the genetics, morphology and conservation aspects of the leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) in southern Africa.

Angela Suárez Mayorga

Ángela M. Suárez-Mayorga

phD student 2018 (Universidad Nacional de Colombia; financed by: FunCyTCA)

I am working on the systematics of snouted treefrogs (Scinax) using molecular and morphological tools. My work in Germany was funded by the German-Colombian foundation for Science and Technology FunCyTCA

Carolin Kindler

carolin kindler

Master Student 2011 and phd student (DFG) 2016-2018

In my Master Thesis I studied the relationships among African hinge-back tortoises (Kinixys). If you are interested, read my paper. For my PhD, I was working on the phylogeography of the grass snake complex. You can find my papers on ResearchGate.

Felix Pokrant

Felix Pokrant

Project student 2017

I participated in projects on grass snakes and green lizards.

Julia Pöschel

Julia Pöschel

master student 2016, scientific trainee 2016-2017

I was working on gene flow in a contact zone of three distinct lineages of European pond turtles in northern Spain.

Marius Hedel

marius hedel

master student 2016

I was working on various aspects of reproduction and natural history of Sicilian pond turtles (Emys trinacris)

Ellen Hitschfeld: My PhD thesis deals with conservation genetics of the northern German relic populations of emerald lizards (Lacerta viridis) and with the phylogeography of the Lacerta viridis complex.

dipl.-biol. Ellen Marzahn

Diploma student and scientific trainee 2008-2016

I was working with green lizards.

Botond Heltai

Botond heltai

erasmus student 2016


I was learning population genetic approaches for studying variation in Hungarian pond turtles (Emys orbicularis).

Mario Vargas-Ramírez: My PhD project has focused on phylogeny, phylogeography and population genetics of different turtle groups (Podocnemididae, Pelomedusidae and Testudinidae from South America and Africa). The research goals are to reconstruct and reveal phylogenetic relationships among species of the family Podocnemididae, to investigate phylogeographic differentiation of Chelonoidis carbonaria, C. denticulata and Pelomedusa subrufa, and to perform a population genetic evaluation of Podocnemis lewyana.

prof. Dr. Mario Vargas-ramírez

phd student and postdoc (DAAD, Alexander von humboldt foundation), 2007-2015


Grupo Biodiversidad y Recursos Genéticos
Instituto de Genética
Universidad Nacional de Colombia

 Maggie Moosig

maggie moosig

master student 2014

I was working with the phylogeography of African hinged terrapins (Pelusios) and compared some savannah and rainforest species. Read my paper here.

Benjamin Standfuss

benjamin standfuss

master student 2014

Slider turtles are widely distributed in southern Europe and thought to be naturalized there. However, until now there is no genetic evidence for feral populations with invasive potential. I examined sliders from Slovenia by population genetic means to fill this gap. You can read my paper here.

Mathias Stiller

dr. matthias stiller

postdoc (Daad return grant 2013)

I was using ancient and modern DNA to understand how climatic and anthropogenic factors shape the genetic make-up of species over time. Among others, I was working on the coevolution of beavers (Castor spp.) and beaver beetles (Platypsyllus castoris).

 Alice Petzold

alice petzold

master student 2013

Our group has identified genetically deeply divergent lineages in the African helmeted terrapin (Pelomedusa subrufa). I sequenced additional samples from potential contact zones and compared museums specimens morphologically to examine whether these lineages represent distinct species. Read my paper here.


 Viola Mashkaryan

Viola mashkaryan


I am an Armenian student and have worked with population genetics of Caucasian spur-thighed tortoises (Testudo graeca).

  Annika Tiesmeyer

Annika tiesmeyer

master student 2012

I was using microsatellite and mitochondrial markers to learn more about the genetic relationships of Slovenian pond turtles (Emys orbicularis).



Nicole Liebing 

nicole liebing

master student 2011

My Master's Thesis focused on the phylogenetic placement of the rare Asian softshell Nilssonia formosa. If you wish to learn more, click here 

 Mohammed Znari

Prof. dr. mohammed znari

guest professor 2010, 2013, 2017 (DAAD)