Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt


Our research activities focus on the study of the Neotropical herpetofauna (Central and South America). Currently, faunistic and zoogeographic studies are undertaken in the following countries: Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, and Bolivia. Our studies are taxonomic, zoogeographic, and phylogenetic in nature.

Additionally, taxonomic revisions of genera and species groups are undertaken based on pholidosis, morphometrics, hemipenis morphology, and osteology as well as molecular genetics. Currently, the revisionary studies include several genera of the family Gymnophthalmidae (Alopoglossus, Echinosaura, Euspondylus and Proctoporus) and various aspects of anole systematics (genus Anolis).

Our studies belong to the Senckenberg Research Field Biodiversity and Systematics, respectively.


glass frog