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Messel Research and Mammalogy

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Messel Research Station 

The Department of Messel Research and Mammalogy was founded in 2017 (departmental head: Dr. S. Schaal). This merger structurally links common research interests and results in a more efficient use of existing resources for research.

Permanent scientific positions (Senckenberg) of the newly established department:

Departmental Leadership and Messel Research: Dr. Stephan Schaal
Palaeoentomology: Dr. Sonja Wedmann
Palaeoherpetology: Dr. Krister T. Smith
Palaeomammalogy: Dr. Thomas Lehmann
Mammalogy: PD.Dr. Irina Ruf
Projectmanagment Chiroptera: Dr. Renate Rabenstein
Radiology: N.N.