Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Palynology and Microvertebrata of the Palaeozoic


Due to increased importance of palynology in the framework of the Palaeozoic research at the Senckenberg Research Institute, palynology as a research field, was established with the new section Palynology and Microvertebrates of the Palaeozoic. It took place in October 2005 connected with the retirement of the former head of the section Paläozoologie I, Dr. G. PLODOWSKI, replaced by Dr. R. BROCKE as the new head of this section.
The existing collection of fossil vertebrates (agnathans, fishes, reptiles, birds, mammals, excluding small mammals and Messel fossils), coprolites, trace fossils, sedimentary marks and problematica remains under the curatorship of the new head of the section, and are expanded by the new collection of Palaeozoic palynomorphs.


figure: hitorical literature

The former section Paläozoologie I was established in the years 1966/67 (here named as Paläozoologie II) caused by internal restructuring of the geological department. Later on it was renamed as Paläozoologie I, and parts of the original collection e.g. fossil sponges and calcareous algae, general geology, mineralogy, petrography were relocated to other sections. Finally, in 1969, with the establishment of the section Mammalogie II, the collection of small mammals was excluded from the fossil vertebrate collection.