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Trip to San Sebastián

18/12/2015, 17:20

25-26 November 2015

In the morning of the 25th November we left Santa Cruz to go to the field station on the Hacienda San Sebastián in a micro bus. On our way to Concepción, the closest town to San Sebastián, the driver of the bus kindly stopped whenever we saw an interesting bird, be that the Snail kite (Rosthraus sociabilis), the Maguari Stork (Circonia maguari), or the bare-faced ibis (Phimosus infuscatus) as examples.

In the early afternoon we arrived in the small town of San Xavier which harbours the oldest Jesuit church of that region. It was built around 1750 with iron wood which was beautifully carved. The church itself and the town are built and maintained in a baroque style. After a short visit to that church we continued our way to Concepción interrupted only by a stop to see the Anhinga (Anhinga anhinga). We arrived in Concepción in the late afternoon where we split and the first group left for San Sebastián with the luggage, while the second finished the shopping. We arrived at San Sebastián after nightfall.

Foto: (c) Hanna Prüter
Photo: (c) Hanna Prüter

On the 26th, Mr. Werding gave us an introduction into the history of San Sebastián and its geography, fauna, and flora. After that, he took us for a first visit of the farm and we passed saw a large lizard (Tupinambis marianae) that was missing its entire tail.

In the afternoon, we went to the “Laja de Susana”, an almost bare shield of primary, granite rock of this region. The cracks of the Laja are inhabited by small bats, rock rats (Thrichomys apereoides), and rock frogs (Leptodactylus syphax) that are calling from these cracks.

After nightfall we went to see a snake (Bothrops cf. pauloensis) that was found earlier close to the station by Hanna and Manuela. Then, we continued our walk along several ponds where we looked for frogs. In total, seven different species could be heard and seen. Unfortunately, there is an unusually long dry season and many frogs were not calling yet.

Foto: (c) Manuela Merling de Chapa
Photo: (c) Manuela Merling de Chapa

Foto: (c) Manuela Merling de Chapa
Photo: (c) Manuela Merling de Chapa

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