Senckenberg Research

Frankfurt am Main

Head: Dr. Bernd Herkner

Deputy: Dr. Gunther Köhler

Secretary: Lara Czupalla
Phone: 069/ 7542-1487 Fax: 069/ 74 62 38



The Senckenberg Technician School trains qualified technical staff for natural history museums and related institutes. A class starts every two years and ends with an official exam. Training comprises classical zoology, botany, geology, paleontology, field courses in limnic and terrestrial fauna as well as marine sciences. Practical courses and training in the institute's deparments make up half of the time.

Unfortunately, since the entire training and lessons are held in German, all further information is only available in German. We happily accept foreign students, but they are required to speak and understand German. For further information please inquire with one of the contacts above.