Senckenberg am Meer Wilhelmshaven


The location Wilhelmshaven was established in 1928. Founded as a branch under the name ‘Senckenberg - Forschungsstelle für Meeresgeologie’ by Prof. Dr. Rudolf Richter, at the time head of the Geology Department and Professor of Geology at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main. In 1929, the name of the station was expanded by ‚und Meerespaläontologie’ and was later briefly called in german ‚Senckenberg am Meer’ or accordingly in english ‚Senckenberg by the Sea’ (History). Senckenberg by the Sea Wilhelmshaven is closely interconnected with important consortia for the German marine research, with universities and other associations. For an updated overview, please klick here.

 Today, the location consists of two departments, the Marine Research and the German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB), and is under the direction of Prof. Dr. André Freiwald.

The idea behind this institution was to establish a permanent research laboratory at the North Sea, dedicated to investigations of present geological and palaeontological processes and structures, in order to better understand fossil records. With its areas of research including Actuopalaeontology, Marine Sedimentology, Marine Biology and Marine Geology, the Marine Research Department under the direction of Prof. Dr. André Freiwald is broadly based to successfully pursue basic as well as socially relevant applied scientific investigations of the changing North Sea. Über internationale Verbundprojekte ist die Meeresforschung auch an der geo-biologischen Erforschung der Kontinentalränder und Seeberge im Nordatlantik und im Mittelmeer aktiv beteiligt.

Aim of the German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research (DZMB) is taxonomic and systematic research on marine organisms and assessment of biological diversity in the ocean. The Centre’s areas of expertise encompassing Marine Botany, Meiobenthic Arthropods, Meiobenthic Nematodes, Epifauna, Infauna, Zooplankton, Ecological Biodiversity Research and the young scientist’s group for Molecular Taxonomy, the DZMB can work up a large part of the samples from expeditions to the deep sea, the Polar seas and seamounts on its own. Additionally, the DZMB serves as a central service institution for German marine research, collecting, archiving and providing access to samples from German research vessels. Aside from the location in Wilhelmshaven, the DZMB is also present at the Zoological Institute and Museum (ZIM) of the University of Hamburg.


Senckenberg am Meer
Marine Research Department
Südstrand 40     
D-26382 Wilhelmshaven
Tel. +49 (0)4421 9475 201
Fax +49 (0)4421 9475 222

Senckenberg am Meer
German Centre for Marine Biodiversity Research
Südstrand 44     
D-26382 Wilhelmshaven
Tel. +49 (0)4421 9475 101
Fax +49 (0)4421 9475 111

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