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Section Ornithology

Tenerife Goldcrest - Regulus regulus teneriffae


The Dresden collection of birds houses approximately 91.000 objects including whole skins, mounted specimens, skeletons, eggs, nests and feather mounts. The collections have a world-wide coverage with a strong geographical focus on Europe (regional and local series including rarity records from Saxony) East Asia (particularly China) and New Guinea. Several extinct species are represented by a number of specimens, among these Great Auk, Huia, Passenger Pigeon, Carolina Parakeet and skeletal remains of several moas.  Important contributors to the Dresden collection were Adolf-Bernhard Meyer, Hugo Weigold, Carl Schneider, Ernst Bährmann, and Otto Kleinschmidt.

Research focus

Molecular systematics of Eurasian passerines - Molecular dating - Bioacoustics - Phylogeography - Island biogeography and radiations - Secondary contact zones in the Palearctic

Our research contributes to the Research Field Biodiversity and Systematics.