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Conservation Genetics

Conservation Genetics GROUP  

Head of the working group: Dr. Carsten Nowak

The Conservation Genetics Group develops and applies modern DNA-based tools to aid research and conservation of endangered European wildlife. 

Information on options for scientific cooperation

Information regarding the national genetic wolf monitoring at Senckenberg (in German)

Since 2008 we have established a centre for conservation and wildlife genetics. It is our goal to make modern molecular techniques available to applied conservation and wildlife management. Our work combines aspects of basic research, monitoring and species conservation, leading to mutual benefits for science and society. Clickhere for a brief overview article summarising some of our recent research.

 Bearbeitung einer Haarprobe  Wildkatze
 Herbstwald  Timberwolf Probennahme

Photographs: Thomas Stephan (top left and right, bottom left), Susanne Carl (bottom right)

Gruppenbild 2018Our international team of young researchers, PhD and undergraduate students analyses several thousand samples per year and is involved in diverse projects on endangered European wildlife, including wildcats, wolves, bears, beavers, or saiga antelopes. Research

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