Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum Frankfurt

Entomology I


  A bamboo stand of  Dendrocalamus giganteus (North Thailand)

The zoological investigations of section Entomology I are carried out in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand). The research focuses on the animal communities of various microhabitats of bamboo. In particular, the aquatic and terrestrial faunas of hollow, water-filled bamboo culms have been the subject of intensive studies (bamboo phytotelmata). Several arthropod taxa represented with many species on bamboo have become the subjects of separate research projects, like the fly families Tephritidae (Fruit Flies) and Stratiomyidae (Soldier Flies) or the mite family Histiostomatidae.

A second research focus lies on aquatic insects, especially beetles, true bugs or flies. Particular attention is being paid to adaptations for a life in the water and to the aquatic faunas of special habitats like moist, water-sprinkled rocks near waterfalls.